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African Union appeals for international aid against cholera in Mozambique and Malawi

"The health and social infrastructure of Mozambique and Malawi has been damaged. We call on all those who have the capacity to help to cooperate with these countries to restore normalcy," CDC acting director for Africa Ahmed Ogwell said in an online press conference.

Robotic prosthesis mimics 50% of human hand movements

Italian designer Maria Fossati was born with a malformation in her left arm and is one of the patients testing a new prosthetic model at the Italian Institute of Technology in Genoa, Italy.

Giant Sable Antelope are now over two hundred

Of this number, 70 are controlled in Cangandala National Park and 150 in Luando Integral reserve, up from 60 and 140, respectively, recorded, up to March, 2018. Poaching, both commercial and survival hunting, remains the main threat.